Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Visit to Captiva Island & Sanibel Island

Florida clouds and palm tree

Pelicans at Captiva Island fighting for food

A lonely fisher

A part of the beach at Captiva Island

The lighthouse of Sanibel Island

Single umbrella at the beach at Sanibel Island

Let's go to the beach...


Lifecruiser said...

Those lovely beaches.... We don't have such fine beaches here in Stockholm, but on our summer paradise island we do have! So now you made me long for July which we spend there!


ME said...

Hi Susanne :)

Your photos are award-winning and one can feel the affinity that you have every time you press your camera's button.

André Lúcio said...

Hello, very nice photos you have, could we share links? Have you checked my photo blog?
Please if you like we can share link

Anonymous said...
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Healthy Solutions said...

very beautiful.

Susanne49 said...

My thanks goes to:

@ lifecruiser

@ me

@andre lucio

@ haelthy solution

for all of your kind comments and compliments. You made my day!

Karen said...

Beautiful work as always!! I have heard lots of good things about Sanibel..especially if you like to collect shells..I MUST make it there some day!

Gilson said...

Your blog is full of color and life. Lovely captures!

lin said...



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